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Why wax?

The first reason to wax your skis and board yourself is because you will almost certainly do a better job than most  shops!  Ski shops use just enough wax to make your equipment look good. You, on the other hand, can ensure your equipment has enough wax to allow you to make the best of your time on snow. Waxing makes youskis and board slide more smoothly making turning easier.

Waxing is a crucial part of servicing and maintaining your equipment. It is not just about making the bases go faster, even though that is a big part of the service.

Wax improves the base gliding over the snow and also protects it from ‘wear and tear’.

If skis or boards are not serviced, then the bases will not glide easily making using your equipment significantly harder work, more tiring and ultimately less safe. Regular waxing increases the life of your skis or board by protecting your bases against abrasion by the snow. Wax also protects from oxidation due to the base reacting with the oxygen in the air.

When skiing or boarding, there are several different forms of friction that work to create ‘drag’ on the bases including wet, dirt, static and kinetic friction. These factors can all be overcome by waxing.

Selecting the right wax and applying it correctly are both equally important.