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Rub On Wax

These waxes do not require an iron so are much faster to apply, however do not last as long. As the wax only sits on the base surface there is little or no nourishment to the base hence why iron on waxing is more common and protective.

There are two forms of rub on waxes:

Liquid based waxes
These are applied to the ski or board base and allowed to dry for a few minutes, before being polished or structured. They are extremely quick and easy to apply, and have some base penetration.

Rub on solid waxes
These are softer than iron on wax but are less durable. They are applied by gently rubbing the block of wax smoothly over the base to provide a thin and even layer of wax across the entire surface. For best results run the wax from tip to tail and finish by gently structuring the wax.

Rub on waxes are the ideal type of wax to take away with you for a mid holiday top up service and to use between hot waxing to ensure your equipment maintains good speed and glide.

DataWax offer:

  • SuperSlip Wax Cream

Lightly penetrates the base with a high fluorocarbon content to give a high speed glide. Perfect as a racing start wax or for freestylers.

  • Soft ‘n’ Slippy Wax Polish

Specifically designed for dry slope users and very popular as a start wax for racers or to give a speed boost for freestylers. An extremely fast wax.

  • Snowboard Tech Wax

The first of DataWax’s snowboard specific range. Strawberry scented and able to be used as either a rub on or an iron on wax with great lasting glide.

  • Alpine Rub-on kits

Two sticks of DataWax Classic, one red and one yellow. Perfect for having in your pocket on holiday for a quick rub on speed boost and increased glide.