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Choosing a Waxing Iron

The first question is “Do I really need a special waxing iron?” The simple answer is yes.

Clothing irons are responsible for more tuning mistakes and ski damage than just about anything else.  These irons usually contain pores that hold dirt and dust and work from 1400C to 2400C, where most waxes need to be melted between 1000C to 1500C.  Clothing irons also tend to have athin base plate which results in hot and cooler spots giving an uneven finish. So not only will these clothing irons contaminate a ski base, but they are nowhere near sensitive enough properly wax a ski or board. 

When choosing a waxing iron the three important features are the temperature control system, the power and the overall thickness and shape of the plate.

Plate Thickness directly corresponds to the quality of an iron.  As the plate gets thicker the better the iron will be.  The thicker the plate the longer the iron will take to heat, but will also hold a much more consistent temperature- evenly across the base.  This allows the wax to melt evenly and more precisely than thinner plates.

Temperature Controls and their adjustability will also improve greatly with the quality of the iron.  The most basic irons will simply have an on/off setting, usually keeping the iron around 125 degrees Celsius, with an indicator light for when the iron reaches maximum temperature.  The next level of sensitivity incorporates an adjustable dial to roughly adjust iron temperature, usually between 100 to 150 degrees Celsius, with a light indicator for when the iron has reached the intended temperature.  Most recreational tuners uses a dial adjust iron for the temperature flexibility at a very reasonable price.  The controls most often found in tune shops and on the race benches are digital readout adjustable irons.  These irons will have the same indicator light as lesser quality irons, but are micro-processor controlled in either five or single degree increments depending on how specific they need to be.  Most five degree adjustable irons work from 100 to 160 degrees Celsius while one degree adjustable irons will go up to 180 degrees Celsius for pure fluorocarbon waxes and are crucial for racers in need of that extra edge on the course.

Power A more powerful iron (measured in Watts) will heat up more quickly and be better able to maintain temperature when in use.

Vitora Waxing Iron

This superb foldable 220-240V 800W ski/board waxing iron has a 15mm thick curved sole plate for excellent heat retention and efficient wax distribution. These features, combined with a fast warm-up time, narrow thermostat tolerance, compactness, low weight make it fantastic value.

Weight is just 645g with dimensions of L160 x W90 x H95mm when is use but the handles fold down to give an overall thickness of only 40mm for easy storage or transport making it ideal for racers travelling to events or for extended trips were re-waxing will be required. 
European plug as standard.

Kunzmann Waxing Iron 2200

An excellent iron with a thick structured sloe plate which is perfect for spreading the wax evenly. Superb temperature control from 50-160 degrees. Comes complete with its own stand to help keep wax where it should be (not on the floor!). Thick base gives a great even heat distribution. Ideal for all types of wax. European plug as standard.

Kunzmann Waxing Iron 4200

A robust powerful, professional 1000 watt waxing iron for the regular tuner, especially racers. Temperature range from 90-180C with precise control which is ideal for dryslope wax, hard low temperature wax & flouro waxes/overlays etc. Particularly suited for skiers and boarders that want to service multiple skis or snowboards with a reliable working temperature iron. Heavy rectangular 130 x 100mm smooth double sole.  European plug as standard.

Kunzmann Digital Waxing Iron 5200

The ultimate Pro level microprocessor controlled digital waxing iron with super accurate thermostat that maintains the sole plate temperature to +2/-2C from the setting to give optimum results when applying temperature sensitive racing waxes/special overlays &/or ultra cold temperature waxes. This is one of the most accurate and reliable waxing irons on the market. It is ideal when waxing multiple skis or snowboards with a full range of waxes. Definitely top of the range. European plug as standard.