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Graphite Waxes

Graphite additives in the wax reduce static friction caused by dust particles in the snowpack.  This is especially common on snow where melting and refreezing has occurred numerous times.  The addition of graphite to our waxes provides an ideal combination wax for coarse, old or dirty snow to ensure a frictionless glide on your bases. 

DataWax manufacture FIVE different graphite waxes:

  • DataWax Graphite RACE

The ideal race wax for indoor snow surfaces and late season races when the snow tends to be older. This wax has great protective qualities but, more importantly is fast and hard enough to resist the abrasive nature of the snow crystals on race cources and inside a snow dome.

  • Perfect in snow at-6°C to -16°C
  • DataWax Graphite Race is an excellent iron on wax for cold temperature conditions
  • Iron on Temperature 120°C

DataWax Graphite TRAINING

  • DataWax Graphite Training is an excellent all condition wax for general skiing and is very durable so lasts a long time. In addition to graphite in contains a low fluoro balance ensuring great speed and smooth turns. It is an ideal training wax for indoors.
  • Graphite version of our best-selling Universal HP wax
  •  Perfect for all snow types and temperatures.
  • Extremely long lasting and ideal for long indoor training sessions.

DataWax Graphite PERFORMANCE

This wax has an excellent balance of high speed and great glide due to the combination of  graphite and Fluoro.  It is ideal for late season snowsports when the snow is old and on glaciers. A great alternative to Magma HP on older recycled snow.

• Best performance at snow temperatures 0°C to -8°C
• DataWax Graphite Performance  is best if ironed on but can also be rubbed on.


DataWax Graphite SPRING

Late season snow is often contaminated with particles of dust and dirt particularly in resorts with lots of snow cannons.

• Perfect wax when the snow temperature is at or above -2°C
• For best results use an iron to hot wax Graphite Spring into the base.
• DataWax Graphite Spring can also be used as a rub on wax.
• Ideal for end of season skiing

DataWax  Polar GX

       Part of the artificial slope range