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How do I Choose a Wax?

General Skiing or Boarding

The most popular range of waxes is the DataWax HP (High Performance) Range.

These waxes contain a low concentration of fluorocarbon which makes the wax smooth fast and easy to apply.

Choose one of these waxes. If you are new to waxing or you are not sure of the snow conditions then choose Universal HP.

If you are clear about the conditions use Butane HP, Magma HP or Sunfire HP.

Racing and Competing

If you are racing and need to squeeze the very best speed form your skis or the most height from your jumps use DataWax Magma Race or if the snow is very cold DataWax Butane Race. These waxes contain a high concentration of fluorocarbon and are VERY fast.

Touring and Cross Country

Fluorocarbon at high concentration is known to interfere with the glue on skins so it is best to avoid “fluoro” containing waxes. The DataWax HC (Hydrocarbon range contains no “fluoro” and is therefore perfect for this use. They are still fast waxes so are also an economical for general use.

Late Season Man made and Indoor Snow

Snow that has been recycled tends to contain particles of dust and other contaminants. These particles create static electricity which makes sliding more difficult. Graphite in wax dissipates the static and makes your skis and board run smoothly and quickly. In these conditions use a DataWax Graphite wax.

Artificial Slopes

Artificial slopes are very abrasive and heat the base causing it to be sticky. The wax serves two purposes, Firstly to help protect the base from melting and secondly to make the ski or board go faster. In using an artificial slope use a DataWax Polar X or Polar GX wax.