Ski & Snowboard Wax Guide

There are so many waxes to choose from, therefore how do you decide on the right one? 

We have composed this guide to act as a reference tool and hopefully aid in your decision making to ensure that you pick the best wax for your skiing or snowboarding, wherever or whenever that may be.

Why wax?

The first reason to wax your skis and board yourself is because you will almost certainly do a better job than most shops! Ski shops use just enough wax to make your equipment look good. You can ensu…

How much wax do I need?

Figuring out how much wax to use is a simple question but do you know the answer? Let DataWax show you how much wax you need.

How often should I wax?

Figuring out how often to wax is a simple question but do you know the answer? Let DataWax show you how often you should be waxing.

Iron on wax

What's the difference between iron on and rub on wax and how do I iron wax onto my skis or snowboard?

Graphite Waxes

Learn all about Graphite Waxes, what Graphite does and when to use a graphite ski or snowboard wax.

Selecting iron on wax

Want to iron wax onto your skis or snowboard but don't know which wax to select based on the temperature of the snow?

Rub On Wax

Rub on waxes are super easy to apply, find out what rub on waxes are and when you can use them on your skis and snowboards.

Artificial slope waxes

Artificial Ski and Snowboard Dry-Slopes require a specific kind of wax that is much harder wearing due to the increased friction.

Base Waxing and Base Loading

What is Base Waxing and Base Loading and why is it important, find out more about how it adds moisture to the base and increases speed.

How to Wax

Find out the techniques and learn some tricks and tips on how to wax your skis and snowboards.

Choosing a Wax

Choosing a Wax can be difficult with so many options. Find out which waxes to use based on the specific snow temperatures and what country you are visiting.