New DataWax Hardware Range



DataWax have just announced the launch of their brand new hardware range. It includes an Iron, Vice and File Guide all at very competitive prices. It also signifies the first products in their new packaging range, with more to follow after the winter, moving into more eco-friendly cardboard to help save the mountains. 


DataWax T50C IronT50C-Ski-Wax-Iron.jpg
The new iron is lightweight and compact, making it the ideal travel companion. It heats up quickly to deliver a working temperature range of 100°C to 180°C. The ergonomic chassis enables waxing in a variety of orientations and has a pressure-cast aluminium base. The T50C iron also boasts a thick base which retains heat, minimising temperature fluctuation, and added dimples that allow the iron to move easily over the base of skis and snowboards. DataWax stocks this iron in both a UK and EU plug.

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DataWax Pro Vice
The new vice is ideal for all ski types from narrower race to skis, to fat off piste skis. The vice fits 35mm to 100mm underfoot and has a three piece jaw system with adjustable height and angle. The centre jaw clamp pads offer excellent grip and stability and the vice will clamp to workbenches or tables up to 60mm thick. The new DataWax Pro Vice includes two end supports that adjust in height from 130mm to 170mm. Additionally the end supports feature independent clamps to secure your skis for side edge work. The ends pieces can also pivot up to 30 degrees for multiple angle settings.


The new vice can accommodate Alpine, Nordic and Cross Country skis. It has rubber pads on top of the jaws to rest your bases on, meaning no more nasty scratches from servicing! It's made from a strong and sturdy aluminium and rubber construction.

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DataWax File Guides
Sharpen your edges like a pro with a guide worthy of World Cup Servicing. The real experts use these file guides as it gives them a better "feel" for their work. It takes a bit of practice but is worthwhile to get the best results from a quality piece of equipment. DataWax manufacture these guides in angles 90°, 89°,88°, 87°, with a 5" file and clamp.

What angle do I need?
90° Edge: The strongest and most durable angle. The ideal edge for beginners, intermediates and touring.
89° Edge: This is the most popular edge profile. Provides grip and security at high speeds.
88° Edge: For all mountain/advanced skiers and on icy pistes. Perfect for GS, SG, DH & Half-Pipe.
87° Edge: Used by racers for razor sharp grip. Perfect for Slalom, GS and Boardercross.

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