Sponsored Rider Millie Knight joins Team DataWax


Millie & DataWax


Para Olympian, World Champion and Crystal Globe winner Millie Knight has joined the DataWax Pro Team. She is our first Olympic athlete to sign on with DataWax and we are really excited about her potential and making sure that we provide her with the quality waxes and servicing products someone of her talents needs! Millie has been using DataWax since early in her career and has already won a stack of medals at International competitions skiing on DataWax Race products!


Millie’s Story

Millie is a visually impaired GB skier training towards the Paralympics in PyeongChang. At the age of six Millie lost her vision, which was around the same time that she started skiing. With only 8% vision (mainly in the peripherals) skiing might not have been the logical choice, but Millie was obsessed. In 2010 Millie was at the London Ski Show and spoke to the charity Disability Snowsports UK (DSUK) who have been instrumental in her path towards success as a Team GB athlete. 

I now ski with a professional guide in front of me and we wear a Sena Bluetooth headset in our helmets and communicate between each other. My guide will tell me what the conditions are like on the piste and if there any lumps, bumps and obstacles on the snow.

Millie’s guide Brett Wild serves in the Royal Navy and has been released for two years as an athlete to provide his services. The duo has done astonishingly well, their most recent success a Crystal Globe in the World Cup as the overall Downhill winners. Behind that are five World Cup golds for speed events in Austria and Italy in the first half of 2017 alone.

It is hard work sometimes; there is a lot of travel and it’s difficult to juggle school. I do get very tired but it is the best fun I have ever had. It really is a great experience, even getting up early when on a training camp; Skiing hard all day, doing some sort of recovery, waxing skis, a Physio session, video analysis, School homework, supper and then to bed to do the same the next day but I am so lucky to have found a sport that I love.


Disability Snowsport UK: Millie's Story from Holmlands on Vimeo.