DataWax Sponsored Rider Kyle Wise Storms the English Ski and Snowboard Cross Championships


Released this winter, DataWax Magma Race was the wax of choice for four-time Snowboard Cross Champion Kyle Wise. There were over 75 athletes competing, including riders from Europa Cup, World Junior Champs and the Youth Winter Olympics. Since the competition began in 2013 Kyle Wise has held the title for English Champion, working his way up onto the British Boarder Cross Team and has since joined the DataWax team of sponsored riders.

DataWax's RACE WAX range was designed to suit the demand from athletes who wanted a high fluorinated wax option for competitions where a fast start and lightning speed are required. The range has been successful in Freestyle, Alpine racing and SBX events already this season. The high flouro content of this wax makes it extremely fast with a proven speed increase in DataWax's testing!

DataWax's new Magma Race combined with Kyle's talent were a winning combo at the Indoor Champs in Chill Factore, Manchester. We spoke to Kyle after the race for a quick catch up;

"I was using the new High Fluro Magma Race Wax, it rode great! The track was fast and flowed well, I qualified first with both of my times being quick, I was just over a hundredth of a second faster than my next closer rival, Bradley. The start was key like most short indoor races, as it's so narrow and hard to overtake if you're behind. I made it through the heats to the final and thankfully I nailed the start in the final against Bradley, which helped a lot, as he looked really strong! Was a fun day and I look forward to the British Indoor Championships at the end of August!"

DataWax would like to wish Kyle the best of luck in his training over the Summer and will catch up with him again at the British Indoor Ski and Snowboard Championships!




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