DataWax x POW UK

Our journey


Our journey to Eco-Friendly was born out of a dream to protect our mountains for generations to come. Built on a reputation for great quality products and service, DataWax strive to be better and more environmentally sustainable. We’re on a path to lessen our environmental impact, with new packaging and processes. 

When DataWax was founded in 1979 no one really had a concept of environmental damage. Since then, we’ve introduced new products that aim to protect users and the environment while maintaining quality and performance. Our Backcountry range is our most eco-friendly wax range to date and still maintains great performance.


Taking Action

We’ve also upgraded our packaging over the years; from sealable plastic bags; to the most recyclable type of plastic; to our latest FSC Approved cardboard packaging. We’re all for Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.


    √ Designed to Reduce Material Use

    √ Designed for Reuse

    √ Designed for Recyclability           

    √ Responsibly Sourced


In line with the 3Rs, we source the base ingredient for our wax responsibly. We recover and re-use by-products rather than having the ingredients specifically manufactured and wasting valuable raw materials. This prevents these by-products from being disposed of and burned, which can have a disastrous carbon impact on climate change. 


Who are POW UK? 

We want to help in the fight for climate action and that’s why we support Protect Our Winters UK. The charity was founded by Pro Snowboarder Jeremy Jones in 2007. Perplexed by the number of resorts closing early due to lack of snow, Jeremy set out to mobilise the snowsports industry to enforce change in the form of POW. POW UK then launched in 2017 to mobilise the UK outdoor sports community. They empower individuals, brands, athletes and ski resorts with the facts about the facts about the climate crisis and the actions they can take to reduce their carbon footprint and accelerate our transition to a carbon neutral society. The goal is simple: Protect Our Winters through positive action. 

Find out more about Protect our Winters and all the work they do: www.ProtectOurWinters.Uk