DataWax Releases New High Fluorocarbon Race Waxes


For this coming winter, DataWax released two new products. 

For the ultimate snow performance try a DataWax high fluorocarbon Race Wax.         

When expert skiers and racers are looking for the ultimate in iron on performance then the  choice is a high fluorocarbon wax. DataWax Butane and Magma Race are packed with locked in fluorocarbon. 

If some fluorocarbon is fast, more is faster yet!

DataWax Race Waxes have all the attributes of the DataWax HP Range but with 11 times the level of Fluorocarbon. They are lighting fast on and off piste and are particularly helpful for racers and experts who wish maximum performance.

80g of lightning available here!!


DataWax Butane Race

  • Best performance in snow at 6°C to 16°C
  • Perfect on courses that have been “cemented” or watered.

DataWax Magma Race

  • Best performance at snow temperatures 0°C to 8°C
  • Magma Race should always be used as an iron on wax.
  • Iron on Temperature 110°C


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