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 Waxing for Artificial Slopes


Artificial Slopes are different from real snow!

Firstly they are a bit slower and it is a bit harder to make a turn but more importantly they are very abrasive and create considerable heat – enough to melt you base!

This introduces a new set of practical issues when it comes to base preparation particularly for racing.  The high friction and potentially massive heat build up created by long slopes leads to a slowing of the ski and potentially base melting temperatures - particularly if you are going fast and carving well.

Waxes for artificial slopes need to do two things. Firstly they need to give you lubrication and secondly they need to protect your bases from the heat.



The Polar X Range

The DataWax Polar Range was specifically designed for the challenging conditions of the abrasiveness and heat build up of artificial slopes..  DataWax Polar X creates great glide giving  speed and easier turning while also importantly providing protection to the base.

One additional benefit of the DataWax Polar Range is the way the wax penetrates the base to give lasting and accumulative protection. This means that waxing before every dry slope session is not a requirement. Polar waxes have a very high melting point, therefore when used properly will actually increase the melting point of the base plastics. Polar X and Polar GX if ironed into the base (particularly if it is done regularly) helps make the base tougher and more heat resistant.

The Polar range includes:

  • DataWax Polar X

The original Polar X wax is already fast but the addition of "fluoro"  adds speed and glide while providing the protection your bases need for the challenges of dry slope racing.

  • DataWax Polar GX

Providing all the great benefits of Polar X, but with the addition of Graphite for extra speed and glide – especially important on dry warm days. The perfect race wax for dry slopes.


Artificial Slopes tend to feel quite “slow” so users often feel a need for an extra little something -  for freestylers on their way into the park features, racers in the start gate,  recreational skiers and boarders looking for some extra speed or beginners looking for better glide on flatter parts of the slope.

DataWax has designed the Hydrazorb product range  for all dry slope users. Both waxes are easy to slip into a pocket and will give you all the speed and glide you need. These are:

  • Hydrazorb is a completely new concept wax and gives fast smooth glide – particularly if there is moisture- either from sprinklers of “Gods natural sprinkler”!
  • Hydrazorb is "hydrophilic" - that is it attracts moisture and allows the ski to glide on a thin layer of water- making your turns faster and smoother.