Sunfire HP Ski and Snowboard Wax 1kg

  • Sunfire HP Ski and Snowboard Wax 1kg

DataWax Sunfire HP  ski and snowboard wax has long lasting glide and great acceleration particularly in wet or granulated snow conditions. This soft wax works best in these wetter snow conditions. The additional fluoro’s hydrophobic content repels the high water content in the snow and stops the ski or board from rapid deceleration on wet snow.

DataWax Sunfire HP is the perfect wax when the snow temperature is at or above 2°C

• For best results use an iron to hot wax DataWax Sunfire HP into the base.

DataWax Sunfire HP ski and snowboard wax can easily be used as a rub on wax.

• Perfect for end of season skiing.

• Iron on Temperature 100°C


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