DataWax Side Edge File Guide

Sharpen your edges like a pro! The real experts use these file guides as it gives them a better "feel" for their work. It takes lots of practice but is worthwhile.

Available in angles 90°, 89°,88°, 87°, Use with any file or DMT.

What angle do I need?

90° Edge: The strongest and most durable angle. The ideal edge for beginners, intermediates and touring.


89° Edge: This is the most popular edge profile. Provides grip and security at high speeds.


88° Edge: For all mountain/advanced skiers and on icy pistes. Perfect for GS, SG, DH & Half-Pipe.


87° Edge: Used by racers for razor sharp grip. Perfect for Slalom, GS and Boardercross.

Requires Spring Clamp

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