Podium Eurotest Supplies - Workshop

This kit has been designed with input from some of the UK's top BASI Trainers and race coaches with the needs of their athletes carefully considered. DataWax are proud to support British skiing and these supplies are the absolute essentials for any candidate heading out for their Eurotest. 

When athletes are away training for their Eurotest, ski tuning is a big part of the process. Having the right equipment means that you can take control and make the most of your training time on snow - so that when you go to the races you're as prepared as you can be!

There are four aspects to servicing for your Eurotest (edging, waxing, brushing & workshop tools) . The workshop tools supplies kit includes the following;

  • Basic 2200 Iron & Compact Vice
  • (or) Advanced 4200 Iron & Pro Vice

You should also be looking at the following essentials


  • File Guide & Spring Clamp
  • DMT Diamond Files (fine & medium)
  • 5" edge file & 10" base file


    • 2x DataWax Butane Hydrocarbon (110g) - For Base Loading
    • 1x DataWax Butane High Performance (110g) - For Cold Training Days
    • 1x DataWax Magma High Performance (110g) - For Training Days
    • 1x DataWax Magma High Fluoro Race Wax (80g) - For Race Days


    • Brass Ski Base Brush (pre-waxing)
    • Nylon Ski Base Brush (polishing)
    • Horsehair Ski Base Brush (finishing)

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