Uni Artificial Kit

  • Uni Artificial Kit

For Dry-Slope and Snow Domes

Why do we need special wax for Artificial Slopes?

Indoor snow contains contaminants and develops static electricity. Graphite Wax helps to counter the static build up and gives fast smooth performance in race lines and over kickers.

All dry-slopes (especially Dendix) are very abrasive which results in high levels of friction leading to a melting, soft, slow base. DataWax specifically designed Polar GX wax to protect bases from friction and add extra speed. RRP £35.00


  • Indoor Graphite Race Wax 110g
  • Dry-Slope Polar GX 75g
  • Hydrazorb Liquid Wax 150ml
  • Base Cleaner Sachets
  • Scraper
  • Brake Retainers

Some waxes require an iron to be applied as a hot wax service.

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  • £35.00

  • Brand: datawax
  • Product Code: Uni Artificial Kit
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