Performance Snowboard Kit

  • Performance Snowboard Kit

Keep you Board in ideal condition – edges sharp and base fast.

This kit includes:

  • Fluoro “Tech” Wax" 150gm Tub DataWax’s popular all purpose strawberry scented wax.
  • Superslip Cream Wax – Very easy and quick to apply liquid wax for all conditions. Ideal mid holiday..
  • “Get A Grip” Edge Sharpener The easiest way to keep those edges SHARP
  • Repair Candles (3 clear & 3 black) for easy base repairs
  • Plastic Scraper
  • Steel Scraper   Essential to trim and finish repairs
  • Structure Pads – to prepare your base to absorb more wax
  • Instruction Leaflet   Simple instructions on how to take care of your equipment.

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