Polar X Dry Slope Ski and Snowboard Wax

Polar X Dry Slope Ski and Snowboard Wax is specifically designed for dry slope skiing and boarding. This very fast wax is fluorinated for extra speed.

The two keys to Polar X Dry slope wax is that it very fast and also protects your base against  "Base Burn" making you skis and snowboards go fast all the way to the bottom.

Polar X  has an extremely high melt point and keeps the your base protected long after conventional waxes have worn off. It is the ideal training wax.

DataWax Polar X  wax gives you fluorinated speed and glide while providing the protection your bases needed for the challenges of dry slope racing.

Application:  For maximum effects we recommend that you iron on Polar X (keep the iron moving at all times) and allow to cool.

Iron a second time and then scrape while the wax is still warm.

Iron on 125°C

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