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Why Use Ski and Snowboard Wax?

More enjoyment!

Better performance!

DataWax has an extensive range of products:- high fluoro race waxes, low fluoro waxes, hydrocarbon waxes, products specially designed for dry ski slopes and for indoor snow and wax wipes.

DataWax products are made from the very best ingredients sourced from around the world.

DataWax is made in the UK and prices have not been affected by the fall in the value of the pound and represents even better value than ever compared to foreign waxes.

DataWax is probably the only company in the world which manufatures waxes for all types of snow and indoor and artificial surfaces.

The DataWax ranges:-

The DataWax HP range: These are the most popular waxes and the range includes three temperature specific waxes and the best selling DataWax Universal HP. These are low fluoro waxes suitable for all standards of skiers and boarders. They give great glide and are easy to apply.

The DataWax Race range: High fluoro waxes designed for skiers and boarders who demand ultimate performance.

The DataWax HC (Hydrocarbon) range:  A range of four waxes, three temperature specific and a universal wax.  These are ideal for anyone who doesn’t wish to use fluoro, such as ski mountaineers.

The DataWax  Indoor Range. These waxes contain graphite to prevent the build up of static electricity cause by the dust particles in recycled snow.

The DataWax Artificial Slope Range: The polar X and Polar GX waxes are specifically formulated by experts to cater for the specific and harsh demands of artificial slopes.

DataWax Fast Wipes: Wax in a sachet to cater for people who do not have the time or inclination to hot wax. I have attached a sample.