The DataWax Story

Datawax – making quality ski waxes since 1979

DataWax manufactures the finest quality waxes for all snow conditions, artificial slopes and indoor snowdomes. The snow ranges include "High Fluoro" Race waxes, "Low Fluoro" Performance waxes, Hydrocarbon waxes and Graphite containing waxes. Also this year we have introduced a wax applied with a tissue for quick and easy application. DataWax offers exceptional products at a fraction of the prices of large multinational manufacturers offers exceptional products at a fraction of the prices of large multinational manufacturers offering you the chance to enjoy your skiing and boarding to the very highest level at reasonable cost.


Our History

DataWax was originally named ‘DATA Ski Care’ and was owned by Ed Pirie whose children were ski racers and he had the idea that he could make ski wax himself. So with a little help from his friends he managed to reverse engineer some ski wax and from there learnt to create his own recipes. Over the years and with meticulous chemistry and experimentation he improved those recipes and created a whole range of products. Ed’s vision and pioneering for the British snowsport’s industry over the 25 years he owned the company gave it a really strong and loyal following and brand/brand name recognition (especially in the Highlands with Scottish skiers). 

DataWax was founded in Aberdeen by one family and has been passed on to a different family, The Crawford’s who now manufacture the products in Glasgow. We are all extremely keen skiers and it is more than just a passion for us, it is a way of life and DataWax is part of that. Because we are family run we have a great relationship with lots of our customers both in trade and retail.


The Range

DataWax is a British manufacturing company - the original British wax company. Now there are other Ski and Snowboard wax companies, but DataWax was the first and is still the biggest in Britain. We have created and designed all our own waxes, we have our own intellectual property on specific hardware and we also import other brands to be a one stop shop for our trade and retail customers, to cover every ski and snowboard servicing need. We provide wax and servicing equipment for all levels of skiers and snowboarders. Mostly aimed in the UK as that is our biggest market, but we do have some exports. DataWax are the only brand in the world who provide waxes and products for all possible ski surfaces, most brands only create waxes for snow, but the UK has a big artificial market.

We provide waxes for entry level service technicians all the way to World Class athletes. We have a number of athlete's who use our product representing Team GB at international competitions, World Cup, World Champs and at the Winter Olympics in 2018.

With our passion for educating people who want to service their equipment, we offer training and learning courses for people to attend at their local club (only happened in Scotland so far!) and learn about how to service their equipment from our technicians.


DataWax is owned by ski addicts!

Our aim is always to make the very best of a day on the slopes. All our staff are ski instructors, racers and/or snowboard instructors.

Our journey to Eco-Friendly was born out of a dream to protect our mountains for generations to come. Built on a reputation for great quality products and service, we strive to be better and more environmentally sustainable. We're in this for the long run. We're on a path to lessen our environmental impact, making products that are ecological and biodegradable. We want you to come back, time after time and shout it out to the world.