DataWax - Our Eco-Friendly Mission


Our Journey to Eco-Friendly

Our journey was born out of a dream to protect our mountains for generations to come. Built on a reputation for great quality products and service, we strive to be better and more environmentally sustainable. We're in this for the long run. We’re on a path to lessen our environmental impact, making products that are ecological and biodegradable. We want you to come back, time after time and shout it out to the world. 


Advancing to Eco-Friendly Waxes

When DataWax was founded in 1979 no one really had a concept of environmental damage. Since then, we’ve introduced new products that aim to protect users and the environment while maintaining quality and performance. Our Backcountry range is completely eco-friendly and biodegradable, and Hydrazorb is even safe enough to drink – however we don’t recommend it, it’s still wax after all.


We’ve also upgraded our packaging over the years; from cheap plastic; to the most recyclable type of plastic; to our latest FSC Approved cardboard packaging. We’re all for Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.



In line with the 3Rs, we source the base ingredient for our wax responsibly. It’s a by-product that would otherwise be disposed of and burned, which has disastrous carbon impact on the environment. We recover and re-use these by-products rather than having the ingredients specifically manufactured and wasting valuable raw materials.




If you are looking for an Environmentally Friendly Ski and Snowboard Wax, then our Backcountry Range fits the bill;


 ✅     No toxic chemicals

 ✅     Biodegradable

 ✅     Safe for flora and fauna       

 ✅     Safe for water and marine life

 ✅     Responsibly sourced ingredients

 ✅     Recyclable packaging


Feel free to download our Green Certification for our Eco-Friendly Packaging - DataWax Packaging Green certificate.pdf

Eco Backcountry Range