Frequently Asked Questions about Ski and Snowboard Waxing and Servicing

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Prepare for a Competition

Learn how to prepare your skis or snowboard in the run up to a competition to make your equipment go faster and perform better.

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Choose your Service Equipment

The DataWax FAQ section all about the equipment you need to service your skis or snowboard.

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Repair Your Bases

FAQ section about how to repair your ski and snowboard ptex bases from damage.

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Edge Tuning

Learn all about servicing and tuning the edges of your skis and snowboards and what edge angle to use.

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How To Videos

Learn how to tune your skis and snowboards with these easy videos from the DataWax experts.

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All About Waxing

Learn all about Waxing from the DataWax Education Centre and pick up some new tips and tricks to help you service your skis or snowboard.

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Waxing for Artificial Slopes

Learn how to wax your skis or snowboards for Artificial Dry Slopes and figure out which wax to choose.

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Tips on Using your Tuning Gear

In the DataWax Education Centre you can learn all the best tips and tricks for tuning and servicing your skis and snowboards.

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Three Step Tuning

Three easy steps to start you off learning how to service and tune your skis and snowboards

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'How to' Videos


How to Base Bevel


How to remove Sidewall


 How to use the 'Get-a-Grip' Edger


How to use a file guide


Preparing to Wax


Ironing and Waxing


Basic Scraping


Scraping Top Tips


How to use Structure Pads


How to Brush for a Perfect Finish